What is Metric Junkie™?

Metric Junkie™ is a subscription-based service that collects "Sales Rank" information from Amazon.com and displays it in a meaningful and compelling way through vibrant charts and graphs. This data can then be analyzed by you to determine the effectiveness of promotions, media campaigns, and social networking buzz.

Want to know how your product stacks-up against the competition? Metric Junkie's Market Share Approximator™ allows you to compare your books sales against your competitions providing independent Authors with unprecedented marketing intelligence typically only available to big publishers with deep pockets.

Thinking about writing the book that's been rolling around in your head? Use Metric Junkie to track books in the topic you are interested in writing about and learn from historical data what works and what doesn't.

Does the color of a books cover matter? In some cases it really does, and Metric Junkie can prove it! So before you release your next best seller, become a Junkie. A Metric Junkie.

Who is Metric Junkie™ for?

Authors, Illustrators, Publishers, Journalists, Merchandisers, heck anyone interested in tracking an item for sale on Amazon. There are no prerequisites to join.

What regions does Metric Junkie track?

Metric Junkie currently tracks sales ranks for products listed on Amazon.com only.

How much does it cost to use?
$0.99/month for each item you track.

Wow, that's cheap! How does Metric Junkie™ make money?

Metric Junkie makes money through a combination of paid subscriptions and Affiliate Marketing.

What's Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a practice in which a business rewards an affiliate for each visitor or customer the affiliate brings in. For example, we are an Amazon.com affiliate. When you click a link on our site that takes you to Amazon, and then purchase an item through Amazon, we get a little mula. So if you like Metric Junkie, and I'm thinking you do, and you want to help us keep our prices down, support us by clicking our links before you buy something from Amazon.

How do I track a book?

Click the "Add Item" Menu option and then enter the title of the book you want to add. Once found, select the "Add To Collection" link. That's it. To view metric data with regard to this book go to "My Collection".

What’s a Cha-Chinger™?

Amazon does not disclose sales information publicly, so Metric Junkie uses a proprietary formula to estimate when a sale has occured for a particular item. We call these Cha-Chinger's. Although a Cha-Chinger does not always guarantee a sale has occured, nor how many items have sold during a given time period, it does provide a consistant indication that can be used for comparison purposes. Plus it's fun to say!

For books with sales ranks above 5,000 this number is typically pretty close to the actual number of sales. Once your sales rank dips below 5,000 the number of books sold per Cha-Chinger increases. For example, a book in the number 1 position may have five or ten Cha-Chinger's a day as its sales rank oscillates between the number 1 and 2 position. At first glance this may seem as though only a small number of books are being sold (5 or 10) when in reality hundreds or thousands are being sold during the given period. What this means is that the lower your rank, the more "valuable" (in terms of actual items sold) a Cha-Chinger becomes. Keep this in mind as you analyze your data.

Market Share Approximator

Although Amazon does not disclose individual product sales information publicly, our proprietary Cha-Chinger Technology allows us to approximate when sales occur. This information can then be used for comparison purposes to provide a rough guesstimate of how well one product sells compared to another.

What is the Amazon Sales Rank?

Amazon provides each product it sells with a "Sales Rank". This rank is typically updated on an hourly basis and provides an indication as to how well your books are selling compared to all others during the last hour. The more books you sell, the lower your rank, which is good (i.e. You want your book to be number 1).

Can others see the books I’m tracking?

No one can see what books you are personally tracking; however, once a book is added, the historical data is available for all who add that same book to their personal collection.

I added a book but I don’t see any data. Why?

For efficiency purposes, Metric Junkie only tracks books that people have requested to track. Until at least one person adds a book to their collection, no data is collected. After a book is added for the first time, data for it will be collected during the next scheduled update (typically once per hour).

What do the green and red arrows mean?

Arrows indicate fluctuations in an items rank. Green arrows indicate a drop in rank (Good), while red arrows indicate an increase in rank (Bad) from the previous hour. A dash means no change in rank has occurred. If a significant drop in rank is detected a potential sale has occured. This is marked by a blue dollar sign. Cha-Ching!

How many items can I track?

As many as you like with one of our Paid Plans.

The data for an item I was tracking is gone. What happened?

Metric Junkie tracks and stores data for items in your collection. If you remove a book from your collection, and then try to add it again, all historical data will be gone. This is done in order to minimize data overload.

What is the “Lowest Rank” to date?

This is the lowest Sales Rank for that item since it was added to our database.

I just ordered a paid subscription but the number of items I can track didn't increase.

Once paypal has processed your payment they will send Metric Junkie confirmation (which can take up to five minutes). Once we get the green light we will automatically increase the number of items you can track. Be patient and hit refresh in about three-five minutes.

How can I cancel a subscription?

Scroll to the bottom of your Account Info page to see all your current subscriptions. Hit the unsubscribe button to be taken to payPal where you can manage all your paypal subscription.

Can I have more than one subscription?

Yes, we want you to be in total control of your account. If you track 3 items today and tomorrow decide you want to track another item, just add an additional subscription. Grow or shrink the items you track as you see fit by adding and removing subscriptions.

I need to cancel my subscription early, can I get it prorated?

No sorry. We'd allow it if we could but Paypal doesn't provide facilities for proration. If you need to cancel a subscription and want to get the most our of it I recommend you view your Account Info page where we provide a list of all your subscriptions along with their start date so you can time an unsubscription in a way that allows you to maximize its value.

How come I can’t add an item that Amazon is selling?

There are a couple of reasons why this may occur. First, the product you are trying to add may have been miscategorized when it was added to Amazon (i.e. a book added to "kitchen and bath" instead of the "books" category). Since we only allow products in the "Books", "Music", & "DVD" categories to be added to a collection, a miscategorized item will not be listed in any searches. One reason why we have chosen to impose this restriction is to reduce the opportunity for unfair comparisons.

Also, books with a zero rank are not available for tracking. Once your book has a rank you will be able to add it.

I registered but have not received my activation link?

This typically occurs to users utilizing an email spam guard. Please check your spam folder.

Things don't look right at all. Did you really test this thing?

We sure did. Compliance testing was performed on the four leading browsers on the market. Namely Google Chrome 2, Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.5, and Safari 4. Although we would love nothing more than to test it on evey browser known to man (NOT!) we prefer to focus our energy on assuring that Metric Junkie works well on a few browsers, rather than poorly on many. If you are experiencing issues, we suggest you upgrade to the latest version of the aforementioned browsers.